Dan Pratezina

Animation Director, Writer, Professional nerd

     I'm a produced animation screenwriter and optioned series developer, with a trans-media focus on comedy and genre IP's. From 2012-2014, I was represented by Doreen Holmes and Anna Archer at Lucas Talent, while working in-studio to develop tv and film projects at places like Vancouver 'All Play No Work' and Toronto's 'Guru Studio'.  I'm currently seeking new representation for literary/publishing markets. 

     I've recently written my first novel, 'High Demand Gods'.   A noir crime thriller that follows Simon Glasser, an ambitious young freelance photographer on a dream contract in the Colorado wilds.  But when the job unearths living proof of an enigmatic cult leader thought to have died thirty years ago, Simon ends up with photos that have him scrambling for answers while running for his life - and straight into Esther Fox.  An eight-months pregnant homeless palm reader claiming to be an escapee of the cult hunting Simon down. She knows who’s after them. She knows what they want, and unless they work together, they won’t survive forty-eight hours.

Answering questions about writing for animation development at GURU Studio.